The Plant Pink Tree Planting System

The Plant Pink System™

To ensure exceptionally high survival rates of tree seedlings, Planting Systems Australia recommends the complete Plant Pink Tree Planting System. The 8 steps are below:

Step 1. Identify compaction layers and deep rip appropriately using a Yeomans Plow® to open up the soil.

Step 2. Mark out tree spacing’s according to tree type and habitat goal.

Step 3. Remove all grass using herbicides(with Herbi-Safe) within 1m of the planting holes or use heavy mulch.

Step 4. Dig holes deeper than the pot making sure the hole edges are not smooth and at least 300mm round to allow for root expansion.

Step 5. Place 200g (1 cup) of Tree Starter into the planting hole.

Step 6. Dip tree seedling roots(preferably tube stock) into a Tree Tonic solution then plant just covering the root ball, leaving a depression to hold water. Leave a depression around the tree so it can hold 10 L of water. Water in Tree Tonic to limit stress and feed soil biology.

Step 7. Put down a Plant Pink Mulch Matt or Plant Pink Rain Catcher and setup a Plant Pink Tree Guard. Place dry forest mulch(preferably hay) around the outside of the Tree-Guard.

Step 8. After 12 months fertilise each tree with 400g (2 cups) of Tree Booster around the drip line to boost growth.

Why Pink?

Visible light can be split into a spectrum of colours. Green leaves absorb light from the red fraction to drive photosynthesis. Research has demonstrated that the colour pink reflects and focuses the red fraction, concentrating this photosynthetic energy to enhance plant growth. (Other colours are available on request)