RainCatcherMat™ is made from 100% recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable . 

RainCatcherMat  is a game changer in tree planting in remote or difficult to access locations. Reusable over many planting season. Reduces the need for follow up watering of trees and shrubs by focusing any available moisture straight to the center of the planting hole.    

RainCatcherMat offers: 

  • Adds 1 liters of water directly to the plant with 4mm of rainfall with a 500mm diameter mat 
  • Accelerates vegetative growth by keeping moisture circulating in the soil 
  • 100% Australian made - 100% Recyclable  
  • Weed free Maintenace. Stops grass competition with small trees and plants.  
  • Made from 100% Recycled plastic 
  • Tough, durable, versatile and resilient 
  • Designed to last 10 + years of plantings.  
  • Easy to install / maintain / patch-up. 
  • Follows the contour of the soil surface. 
  • Hygroscopic properties (directing or attracting moisture from the air) 
  • Stops soil surface drying and drives capillary action to cycle soil moisture back to the plant roots.  
  • Can dissipate the energy of following water and absorb the excess solar radiation.