“Implementing the Plant Me System will deliver up to 96% success rate of tree survival

Nick Huggins

Planting Systems Australia Co-Founder and regenerative landscape expert with 20+ years experience providing effective services for land owners in both Urban and Rural landscapes

The Plant Me System consists of 10 steps that will ensure high plant survival rates. Planting Systems Australia recommends the complete Plant Me System and materials to maximise planting success.

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STEP 1 – Design and plan

Good ecological design leads to greater longevity of the tree system. Several factors must be considered – climate, slope and elevation all come into play. Here are some tree system design questions to get you started:

  • Where will the trees be planted?
  • Do you have suitable trees for your climate and location?
  • How much shade will the trees receive and provide?
  • Will the tree system design increase landscape function?   
  • What functions will the tree system provide? Shade, screening, wind protection, fodder, food for humans, increase landscape function, ecological functions, wildlife, maybe even all of these and yes, it’s possible to have all that and more in the one system.

Need help with answers to the above or have questions?

If you’re unsure of where to start with your design, contact our planting partners at www.rlaustralia.com.au for a consultation over the phone or on your property.

STEP 2 – Order materials & trees

Planting is never a lineal process and seasonal factors need to be taken into account. The planting “sweet spot” is when it’s not too wet and not too dry. Have all your trees pre-ordered from the nursery and planting materials on hand so you are ready to plant when conditions are ideal.

STEP 3 – Prepare the soil

Soil compaction in the Australian soil is a significant challenge in establishing long term tree systems. Poor root depth will allow tree to grow during ideal conditions, but failures will arise when the weather inevitably changes – shallow-rooted trees blow over in wet windy weather and are unable to draw water from deeper in the earth to endure dry weather.  Identify compaction layers and deep rip appropriately using a Yeomans Plow® to loosen the soil.

STEP 4 - Setout and drill

Mark out tree spacing according to tree type and your habitat goal. If necessary, remove all grass using herbicide (with Herbi-Safe added) within 1m of the planting holes or rotary hoe behind a tractor. Using a Tree Planting Bit drill holes deeper than the pot making sure the hole edges are not smooth (DO NOT use an auger, this will glaze the hole) and at least 50cm round to allow for root expansion and a RainCatcherMat.

STEP 5 – Add Plant Starter

Broadcast 200g (1 cup) of Tree Starter into the planting hole and mix into the planting soil.

STEP 6 – Stimulate the roots and soil

Pre-soak all tube stock in a PSA Stimulate overnight in a large tray/tub, then plant just covering the root ball. Be sure to leaving a depression to hold water in the shape of a dish to allow the tree to hold 10 L of water.

STEP 7 – Inoculate with Fungi

Nurseries generally use sterilized potting mix with chemical fertiliser added to keep trees and plants alive. To ensure your trees thrive, inoculate with Mycorrhiza fungi before planting.

STEP 8 – Guard

Set down a PSA Fibre Mat (FM) or PSA RainCatcherMat (RCM) in your planting dish. Grab your pre-constructed Tree–Guard of choice over the RCM or FM and hammer your stakes into the soil. If you have access to mulch, place well composted forest mulch around the outside of the Tree-Guard or under the mat RCM or on top of the FM.

STEP 9 – Water in tonic

Water in Root and Shoot tree tonic to limit stress and feed soil biology. At least 10 L of water per tree depending on your soil type.

STEP 10 - Stand back

For high value trees (fruit trees, productive trees, ornamental), fertilise each tree after 12 months with 400g (2 cups) of Plant Booster around the drip line to boost growth, then stand back and watch them grow.


Start Planning Today!

Answer the critical questions from STEP 1, watch the above videos, talk to your nursery about what plants you need and then take some time to view and order the Plant Me System tree guards and fertilisers from our online store HERE.